obama using race riots to stir up political base (#ferguson)


As the Black Lives Matter movement grows and protests and arrests continue in Ferguson, Missouri, author Jack Cashill charges the Democrats are responsible for creating a monster they can no longer control.

“The seeds of Ferguson were planted in Sanford, Florida, two years earlier with the shooting of Trayvon Martin,” Cashill told WND. “The incident gave the media a chance to reinforce their place among the morally elect and gave the Obama administration a useful wedge issue to stir up the Florida base for the 2012 election. Ferguson served much the same purpose, truth be damned.”

Cashill, a WND columnist, believes demographic and electoral realities will force Democrats to continue to promote racial divisions.

“The Democratic Party is unsustainable without 80 percent or more of the black vote. This plague of dishonestly stoked Ferguson-style rage is the Democrats’ problem. They cannot begin to solve it without alienating their base. So…

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