Governor Palin on Planned Parenthood: “SHUT IT DOWN”


Connecticut for Sarah Palin

From Governor Palin:

“Planned Parenthood” equals quality health care? Nothing could be further from the truth. SHUT IT DOWN. Presidential candidates: join me in calling for Planned Parenthood to be SHUT DOWN.

This is a sham business falsely advertising as a “provider of quality health care for our patients.” How can anyone sit back and watch our tax dollars fund this? There are countless distributors of birth control and health care advice out there; PP’s fake premise of doing so and caring for any aspect of health is offensive and beyond unethical. Kirsten Powers – thank you for speaking up because this atrocity is not a partisan or gender issue; it’s obviously a moral one. The acceptance of this speaks to the character of a nation:…/planned-parenthood-abor…/30426475/

Planned Parenthood: is this the kind of patient for whom you are paid to care?

Sarah Palin's photo.
Sarah Palin's photo.

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