Sarah Palin must run in 2016


Eye On America News

Consider this an endorsement

In 2008, Senator John McCain selected former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as her running mate, becoming the first woman to be nominated as the Republican candidate for Vice President. During that time they ripped her apart for not having any experience and claiming she said “I can see Russia from my house.” That was an outright lie! Democrats have constantly written articles blasting her and mocking her. Many Republicans are even wary of what her nomination would bring, noting that the media and entertainment industry assault on her has currently destroyed her public image. However, her reality shows was a self-inflicted wound. Republicans say she is not electable but political pundits expected McCain and Mitt Romney to claim the White House.

The last Republican was laughable Texas Governor George W. Bush. People discounted him because of his war mindset and his father’s beliefs. Now former Florida…

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