The Sarah Palin Factor Revisited

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The Conservative Mind

When John McCain introduced Sarah Palin at the Republican convention it was an exercise in contrasts. As the brusk stiff warrior, whose smiles seem to be as much grimaces of pain as expressions of joy (a persona born of old war wounds and a infamous temperament), was replaced on stage by a vibrant enthusiastic woman the difference was like going from dusk back to daytime.  The electorate seemed to have all the enthusiasm and energy of a funeral procession before she was chosen. As the left was going hog wild over their “historic candidate” the conservatives were looking for something to cheer about. In Sarah they found it.

Sarah Palin Gets A Standing Ovation Before She Even Speaks

She electrified the crowd that night and sent fear into the heart of the left. Vice presidential candidates were not suppose to carry the presidential candidate but this was obviously not an…

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