Washington Post Criticized for Trying to Connect Sarah Palin with Texas Biker Shootout

The Extract

Capture (19)

Despite the fact that there is no evidence – or even rumor, for that matter – suggesting Sarah Palin was in any way involved in the shootout that left nine dead in Waco, Texas, one Washington Post author is under fire for her perceived implication of such a connection. Instead of a captivating lead paragraph or a relevant featured image, Janell Ross’ piece began with a Twitter comment featuring a photo of Palin taken at a completely unrelated motorcycle event.

Capture (18)

Readers wondered why such an out-of-context image would be so prominently featured. One asked:

What does Sarah Palin and a group of veterans have to do with biker thugs in Waco?

The first reply to his query suggested that the author “obviously has some personal issues on display here.”

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