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The Camp Of The Saints


Los Angeles Times in-resident-Palin-red-meat-thrower-to-her-liberal-audience Robin Abcarian advised:

Liberals: She (Palin) can’t hurt you anymore. It’s time to get over her. it doesn’t appear she will be running for office again anytime soon. She’s basically out of politics.

Some columns later Abcarian ran yet another Palin attack column:

Um, could Sarah Palin please run for president?​

This, of course, had Abcarian snidely lumping Palin in with the likes of Dennis Kucinich and Herman Cain as some sort of droll candidate possibility for 2016 to keep her, and her arrogantly superior liberal audience bemused during the ” verrrry long political season” which she, whilst getting paid to rant finds tres tres tiring “Our process is just so exhausting.”

However, lets say that Abcarian’s premise, which is still to be determined of course, that Palin is not a candidate for 2016 is valid. If that were to be the case is Abcarian’s…

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