Sarah Palin… The Case for a Palin Candidacy for President in 2016 – Updated


Why Sarah Palin Should Run in 2016

‘The Key’ for the GOP to both beat Hillary in 2016 and nullify the carrot of ‘electing the first female president’ is running Sarah Palin at the top of the ticket!!




By Marion Algier – Ask MarionPalin-Cruz 2016: There is a long list of possible 2016 GOP presidential candidates including a couple lesser known women other than Palin, but nobody fills the bill like Sarah!  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West, Scott Walker and Ben Carson top the list of new blood that would move America in a better direction… and all would be great candidates in their own right as well as great vice presidential candidates for Sarah Palin. Then there are the iffees with one foot in the grassroots box and one foot in the GOP Establishment RINO box like Chris Christy (Common Core advocate) and…

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