New SarahPAC Video “Catch Me If You Can” Taunts Media


Former first-ever Republican female Vice Presidential candidate and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin’s Political Action Committee “SarahPAC” released a new video yesterday. (Well, kind of…the new video is actually on a YouTube channel by the name of “PassCodeCreative“…which is not the usual channel on which SarahPAC videos are released…so…I’m not certain what is up with that.) The creators of this same YouTube channel have been responsible for most of the biggest ads ever created for SarahPAC in the past and all of those ads can also be found on the PassCodeCreative YouTube channel. The NEW video is entitled Catch Me If You Can and it is full of news clips from the media response to the “One Nation” bus tour of America in which Sarah Palin and her family led the media on a wild goose chase back in 2011.

I, for…

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