Palin Slam Dunk


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sarah-palin-shows-some-skin-in-short-dress-at-snl-40-05Who was it that said, “The best revenge is living well”?

Gateway Pundit:

Sarah Palin slammed a heckler in New York City this weekend after the SNL after-party,
TMZ reported:

Sarah Palin hilariously confronted hecklers after the “SNL” after-party early Monday AM, explaining to them that she’s clearly won the war of words because they’re on the wrong side of the velvet rope.

Just watch the former governor and Tea Party icon make their heads explode.

If you are one of the sad deadbeats who can’t find anything better to do with your life than hang outside of red carpet celebrity events, you’re probably a lost cause anyway.

But it seems to me that Gov. Palin’s appearance at the SNL after party presented a striking contrast between those “dangerous” Tea Party patriots, who work for their money, and the OWS losers these hecklers no doubt think have it all going…

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