America Needs Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin Presidential Hopeful Sarah Palin Presidential Hopeful

Written/Copyright 2015 – EricReports

There’s a prevailing theory on the Internet that the only reason Jeb Bush is running for President is to deliberately give the win to Hillary Clinton.


In other words, Clinton-Bush are not the competitors they pretend to be.  Most likely, this is true.  The GOP haven’t put on a real campaign since 2004 (Bush-Kerry.)  I’m sure if that happens, the Bush family will be getting some payback in return.  Mrs. Clinton, I believe, thinks the presidency is somehow owed to her, especially since she was outmaneuvered in 2008 by a newcomer with no experience who lied and cheated his way to the top.

Ipso facto, who stands the best chance of actually beating Hillary in the 2016 General Election?  The answer is Sarah Palin.  Why?  She would split the gender gap.  Women are the voting majority.  Make no mistake.  Hillary will tell…

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