Kurdish official says US aid not ‘effective’ against #ISIS

A top Kurdish representative to the U.S. claims that the Obama administration is not doing enough to supply vital advanced weapons to Kurdish peshmerga security forces in their fight against Islamic State militants – amid signs that other nations may be eclipsing the U.S. in their level of support.


“To this point, we have only received light arms, nothing effective against ISIS militants,” Karwan Zebari, director of U.S. congressional affairs for the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), told Fox News.

“We need effective equipment to go on the offensive. We need to be going after them,” he said, adding: “There are two heads to this snake that need to be cut off. The one in Iraq is Mosul and the other in Syria is Raqqa.”

Currently, the U.S. is providing only ammunition for small arms and mortars and has stopped short of arming the Kurds directly. When asked Wednesday if the White House was planning any changes to its policy, a Defense official told Fox News, “The Department of Defense has not provided direct arms to the Kurds and has no plans to do so in the future.”

Zebari cautioned the Pentagon against working with the Iraqi government in Baghdad to facilitate the transfer of arms. “They always slow things down,” he said.

Fox News: Kurdish official says US aid not ‘effective’ against ISIS, appeals for heavier arms

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