Gov #Palin to all Alaskans: We MUST repeal this SB21 boondoggle on Tuesday

Alaskans, at this rate, crony capitalists wonder why we don’t just give our energy resources away for free. We own the energy sources per our Constitution, and we violate our state’s blueprint that creates security and prosperity when we wave the white flag and give in to every demand of multinational corporations doing business up here.

Here’s more truth about all the hidden gems Outside Big Oil slipped inside SB 21 without public discussion and approval by we, the people. We MUST repeal this SB21 boondoggle on Tuesday.


As a legislator writes, “It’s interesting how more than $12 million in oil company ads don’t mention a hidden special interest provision in SB 21 — one they won’t talk about before this Tuesday’s repeal vote. SB 21 retroactively gifts companies a production tax that gets Alaskans a near-zero or negative value for EVERY field after 2003, and every future field. Republican Sen. Bert Stedman was right that SB 21 sells our oil at a ‘going out of business sale’ price.”

Thank you, Alaska!

Sarah Palin

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