Gov. Palin: Vote “yes” to Proposition 1 and say “yes” to Alaska’s future!

Sarah Palin Information Blog

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page tonight:


Sarah Palin

Vote YES on Prop 1 for Alaskan Jobs and Independence… Because Sourdoughs Know Big Oil’s M.O.

On August 19, Alaskans vote on a critical ballot measure that cuts right to the heart of our development opportunities, Alaskan jobs, our resource ownership, and promises of a prosperous and sovereign future.

Alaskans know we own our resources that fuel our economy. Alaskan oil belongs to us as residents of this great state, a fact which is purposefully and clearly spelled out in our state’s Constitution so we’d never make the mistake of allowing others to try to lay claim to it. So, we have every right and responsibility to share, clearly and equitably, an appropriate value that we place on our energy reserves.

When I was elected governor, it was clear that for too long our…

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