Gov #Palin: Help this fighting Conservative Col. Rob Maness for #LAsen


#TBT and #lasen update – Help this fighting conservative vet gas up his truck! Could there be a clearer contrast candidate than Col. Rob Maness to take on liberal Mary Landrieu in Louisiana this year? On the one hand you have a liberal career politician who’s voted with President Obama 97% of the time and charged taxpayers over $100,000 in private jets and luxury staff retreats. On the other hand you have a retired decorated combat vet travelling the state in his Ford F-150 holding “Solutions For Us” town halls unveiling common sense conservative ideas to fix the VA, lower unemployment, protect life, and improve education. Col. Maness is a conservative, a vet, he’s one of us, and he’s our best bet to take on Mary Landrieu this fall. Please kick in some gas money to keep this fighting vet’s truck fueled till November! 

Please Donate: Col. Rob Manses For Louisiana Senate

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