Gov. Palin: Sending illegal juveniles home is only compassionate response to all involved

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Sarah Palin: Help Americans in Poverty Instead of Welcoming Illegals

7 Aug 2014

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said America needed to take care of its citizens, especially those in poverty, before welcoming illegal immigrants like President Barack Obama has been doing.

In a recent video message on her SarahPalinChannel, Palin said there are American cities like Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Compton, and “Obama’s Chicago” that are impoverished and would be even more impacted by illegal immigration. Palin, who has always stood for America’s “forgotten man,” has emphasized that massive illegal immigration hurts American workers of all backgrounds and races, including legal immigrants.

“We need to help our fellow Americans move out of poverty before we can try to rescue the rest of the world,” Palin said. “Remember, charity starts at home. It’s about time our leaders in Congress understand…

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