Gov. Palin urges Alaskans to vote YES on Proposition 1 on August 19

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Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page today:

Sarah Palin shared a link.

A huge vote is coming up in Alaska. On August 19, the nation’s largest state, teeming with natural resources including enormous oil reserves, will vote on a crucial ballot measure concerning our state’s future and the resulting impact on our nation’s security and prosperity. If you have a chance, here’s my video (click below) explaining the significance of the August 19 vote.

I hope my fellow Alaskans will join me in voting YES on Proposition 1, because our energy resources must be developed responsibly, aggressively, and ethically. Voting YES means you’re saying YES to sound development and more jobs! This is all about ensuring ethics in government; abiding by our state’s Constitution; protecting lands, water and workforce; and creating greater opportunity to “drill, baby, drill.”


– Sarah Palin


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